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The Real Magic Happens

After You Leave The Gym

If you’re someone that pushes the limits during your workouts … hoping to get into the best shape of your life … then you must supply your body with the protein it needs to recover.

Because training breaks down muscle fibers … and the body needs the amino acids and BCAA’s found in protein to help build it back up.

In addition, protein has been shown to help people feel fuller, longer … which can accelerate weight loss and body transformation …

And it’s essential for good hair and skin, your immune system, and strong bones and joints.

Which is why anyone that’s looking to transform their body … whether it’s athletes, celebrities, crossfitters, runners, HIIT enthusiasts, and lifters are all discovering the amazing benefits of supplementing with protein.


The Protein Problem

In order to put those amino acids to work in the body, protein must first be broken down, absorbed and transported inside your muscle cells.

Unfortunately, years of stress, poor diet, food allergies, and environmental toxins …Can wreak havoc on the enzymes in the gut that help break down protein into amino acids.And any protein that’s not broken down into amino acids is simply excreted from the body.

Even worse, these same factors cause damage to the intestinal walls that make it almost impossible to transport the amino acids that do get broken down into the blood so they can be transported to the muscles.

When it’s all said and done, your lucky if 20% of the amino acids you consume from a normal whey supplement make it to your muscle cells.

We Found A Better Way

Our proprietary Protein Activation Technology helps you Power up your Protein.

This 3-phase technology not only helps increase the amounts of amino acids that make it into your bloodstream …It also helps more of those amino acids make it into the muscle cells where they can aid in repair and recovery.

In fact, our research shows that just one scoop of our Bio-Available Whey can provide up to 7x more essential amino acids than ordinary Whey protein powders …   

Which means you get 7x the benefits!

Plus, we use 100% Grass Fed Whey Isolate that comes straight from happy cows in Wisconsin.

Which means our protein is all natural, low carb, hormone and anitbiotic free, GMO free, soy-free and gluten free. Plus, it’s low in calories and contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or coloring.